Our Story

We started horse breeding in 2004.
Our decision to breed Straight Egyptian horses came about because we were impressed with their temperament, beauty, nature and elegance.
Now the entire family, including wife Tamara and our children Marin and Majda, participates in the daily duties at the stable.
We are located in the heart of the beautiful Gacka valley, on the river Gacka.
Our horses enjoy amazingly fresh air and beautiful green pastures.
We currently have five horses, including two stallions.
We are proud owners of the stallion Pasha, a real “black pearl”, who is the grandson of the top stallion Madallan-Madheen (World Champion on 5 continents).
Our main stallion is Nile Son (Ansata Rahotep X Ansata Nile Diva).
He is of the Falim lineage, by Ansata Sinan. He has a classic Arab spirit and, according to many, he is very special.
Our mare Noura (Ansata Rahotep X Ansata Jesamine) originates from the famous Bukra line.
She is already the pride and joy of our stable but, as she is still young, we believe her peak is yet to come.
We must also mention our oldest mare, Dolly (X Donka Pap), of the famous Siglavi lineage.
Her beauty, innate grace and gentle movements, together with her amazing black colour, always draw attention. Although she wasn’t the first horse in our stables, she imposed herself as the leader right from the start. We wish to spend more time with our horses, enjoy riding and, together with the children, spend as much time as possible outdoors.

Our goal is to continue breeding straight Egyptian horses;
by carefully selecting the breeding partners we are certain we will succeed.